About us

Shri Lakshmi Narasimhar Foundries Private Limited – has been manufacturing Grey Iron Castings cooking utensils. Our process involves using Green sand moulding which is done with high quality ingredients of sand which are recyclable. Cast iron skillets, kadais and tawas are hard and durable; they are used and loved by people all over the world. A pre seasoned cast iron involves the process of coating vegetable oil (we use sunflower oil) to avoid rust formation and to use it immediately. Our experience in the industry along with skilled workforce, we have developed a range of indigenous products that’s withstood the test of time.

Cast iron cookware is preferred by people all over the world as variant for non-stick cookware. The main advantage in using the cast iron skillet is that even in high temperatures the food doesn’t get burned and it is highly useful for frying and searing. The bare cast iron pans are made out of single piece including the handle. When the Teflon coated non stick pans were introduced in the 1960s and 1970s, the cast iron skillet products became an out of choice for people, yet it has come back into market only because of the durability and reliability of the product.

We are located in Coimbatore, an industrial city in the State of Tamil Nadu, which is also the Manchester of South India. We offer complete solution to our customers – patterns to castings or patterns to machined parts. In India, the iron cookware is being used in many households for many and we have customers all over the world for our products and have developed a reputation for our brand with our dedicated customer service. We are committed to providing each customer the highest standards of customer service without compromising on the quality which sets us apart from our competitors.